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Climate-Related Deaths Down 97 Percent Since 1920s

Our friend Bjorn Lomborg has updated his chart on climate-related deaths. Since the 1920s the number of deaths has fallen by more than 97 percent. As the global population quadrupled over the century, the risk per million declined from 241 in the 1920s to 1.5 in the 2020s. This is a 99.38 percent decrease. Read More ›

Reasonable Energy: Pragmatic Solutions to Our Energy Needs

Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at Manhattan Institute, leads a discussion with Todd Myers, Director of the Washington Policy Center’s Center for the Environment, and Michael Shellenberger, Author of Apocalypse Never, about reasonable and pragmatic approaches to meeting future energy needs. Read More ›
A man is reading an e-book on the shore of a forest lake at sunset in the evening.
A man is reading an e-book on the shore of a forest lake at sunset in the evening.
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Former Discovery Chapman Fellow Publishes “The Conservative Environmentalist”

Bruce Chapman, Cofounder of Discovery Institute, recalls that Benji Backer was a Chapman Fellow just a few years ago. "His ideas have merit," says Chapman. "Put him in charge of the EPA!" Read More ›
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CO2 Is Historically Low — Too Low

What if, rather than being at unprecedented high levels, CO2 is at one of its lowest concentrations in the long history of the Earth and that the modest warming anticipated from increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases will be benign? Read More ›
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Can the U.S. Electricity Grid Support All-Electric Vehicles?

Hybrid vehicles are the smart choice for now and into the future, particularly with plug-in hybrids that provide electric motor efficiency for local commutes along with the convenience and range of an internal combustion engine for longer trips. Read More ›