Reasonable Energy Reasonable Prices and Policies for Cascadia

Our Purpose

Discovery Institute’s Reasonable Energy initiative pursues affordable and sustainable energy as a moral good for the benefit of all Cascadians. Reasonable energy prices and policies are essential to human innovation, creativity, and self-sufficiency. Against the regnant climate alarmism, Reasonable Energy balances human goods and goals with the natural abundance and beauty entrusted to us. To this end, we identify and evaluate unsound policies in the Cascadia region that negatively impact affordable energy.

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reasonable prices and policies

Energy prices in the Cascadia region are increasing. Jonathan Lesser, a Discovery Institute fellow, has researched the policies that are directly contributing to this onerous burden. His report is forthcoming.

energy is good

Civilization has been built on using energy, from the hot coals of the blacksmith, to the winds powering sailing ships and the water churned turbines of Grand Coulee Dam. Today, affordable energy correlates with the wealth and resilience of a societies. The Pacific Northwest in particular has made use of its natural advantages with regard to low-cost hydroelectric power over the last 90 years. What will happen as energy prices move faster than the capacity of a region to adapt? It is enervating to be unable to heat your home, fuel your vehicle, or keep a job that depends upon affordable energy.

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nature is good

We are entrusted by nature’s God and bound by each other and future generations with the wise use and preservation of the natural beauty and abundance in the Cascadia region. Human impact on the environment is not evil. Indeed, the flourishing of humans and of our natural habitat are tightly intertwined and require wise stewardship.


Why are energy prices increasing and what are government and private parties doing in this environment? How are they debilitating human progress and increasing poverty instead of liberating people for creative work and innovation?

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