Reasonable Energy Abundant and Affordable Energy for Cascadia


The name, Reasonable Energy, is in contrast to alarmist climate policy and unrestrained prices. It connotes a prudent balance of goods and goals. By promoting affordable energy, it has a tangible impact on the daily lives of Cascadians.


Below are Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty’s colors. In the context of the Reasonable Energy Initiative, the gold represents energy and the green represents the natural world.

  • ⬤ Gray: cmyk 67-60-59-44 | rgb 68-68-68 | hex #444444
  • ⬤ Dark Green: cmyk 91-45-71-43 | rgb 0-77-65 | hex #004D41
  • Greencmyk 87-30-65-13 | rgb 0-124-105 | hex #007c69
  • Goldcmyk 19-29-73-1 | rgb 208-174-97 | hex #d0ae61
  • Lightcmyk 49-8-32-1 | rgb 131-190-181 | hex #83beb5



Abstract images of light, sparks, and motion in the dark can be used as a consistent graphical decoration to allude to energy.


Images of energy use in everyday life, rather than the sources of energy, serve to make affordable energy an important issue.


Images of Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest, especially of them being energized, are preferred when suitable.